A Woman Tells Her Lover To Stand Like A Statue

Stand Like A Statue Funny Joke

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A woman and her lover were going for it in the bedroom late one afternoon when her husband arrives home early from work.


“No time to get dressed and leave”, said the woman.  So she covered him in baby oil and then flour.


“Stand still”, she said, “and be a statue.”


The husband came and asked what it was.


“A statue…..the Smiths next door got one so I thought we should get one too”


Later that night the husband wakes up hungry and thirsty, so he goes and gets two sandwiches and two beers.


He offers one to the statue, but the statue kept still, as a statue should.


“Go on” said the husband…. “take one… I stood like that for two days at the Smiths’ and no bastard offered me a fucking thing!”

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